so i went to bible study last night. my friend Andrea asked me if i'd be down to go, didn't tell me much about that crowd that i'd be joining, but i was certain that this couldn't possibly be as crazy as some of our best adventures, so i figured why not.  (pardon my run-on sentences. there will be hundreds more). plus, i can't even remember when the last time was that i hung out with god in a group setting, so it didn't take much convincing.  around 8pm on this cool, tuesday evening, i called an uber and headed to the grove. my driver dropped me off at the front of the apartment complex so if you know anything about me ...LOST. obviously I'm lost. why wouldn't i be lost.  i walked around trying to find the proper apartment number, only to realize that he dropped me off to the wrong location. -i rated him immediately.  after a few unsuccessful calls and several confusing texts, i arrived at the right spot -frustrated- and ready to say 8 curse words in a row that didn't even make sense.  i quickly remembered that i was there to talk about god though, so that attitude went out the window. 

we all gathered around the living room table, ate chips, guac and salsa (there was ice there as well, whoop!) and we opened with prayer. the theme of the discussion was MOVEMENT.

movement: mo͞ovmənt (n) an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed. a change or development in something.

we talked about progressive and backwards movement, rejection, failure, alignment, unrealistic beauty standards, faith, community and most of all, trusting the process.  i've only been in LA for 2 weeks and having god align me with a group of young artists with a lot of the same goals has me feeling extremely grateful. the energy was amazing, everyone was so encouraging. everyone listened openly to each other. and the testimonies? bruh.  i'm really writing this post so that i can share with you all some of the tidbits that i grabbed on the idea of movement, just in case you need it.  

  • if you don't have a passport,  you're rebellious  -you have no idea where you're supposed to end up and god doesn't always make his plans known far in advance. if you stay ready, you don't have to get ready.
  • movement should be something that births fruit
  • faith is required for movement. faith bridges the gap from where you are to where to want to be. 
  • the more you stretch, the farther you can go. god stretches us like a rubber band. if you trust him, you will not break.
  • faith cannot co-exist with fear
  • you cannot move forward without the right shoes: SACRIFICE, HOLINESS, OBEDIENCE, EXCELLENCE, & SUBMISSION
  • without holiness, god cannot trust you with a platform
  • sacrifice never feels good

we discussed tons more (bible study lasted for 2 legit hours), but enjoy that for now. hopefully i'll be able to share more with you next week. being an artist isn't easy. there's no cheat code. there's no blue print. as an individual artist trying to make it, especially upon moving to a new city, this junk is hard! it's so important to surround yourself with a group of people with nice energy, delicious vibes and forward moving spirits. 


xx rosco




we gon' be alright.

it's real. it's happening. a twitter fingers, racist, sexist, reality tv star has been elected as the president of the united states. boo hoo. we can pretend that this is a dream and blame everyone around us for allowing this to happen. we can go on and on about how racist this country is (we've known forever that nothing has actually changed). we can act like we're moving overseas because we just can't deal with cheeto leading our country (your asses ain't going anywhere).  we can act like this thing just simply doesn't exist.  or...fifth option: acknowledge that he'll be here for 4 long years and make it our goal to live our best lives regardless of what fuckery is to ensue.  i actually woke up feeling drained and a bit sad but immediately checked my energy.  my favorite quote put me in my place real quick. "between stimulus and response is the freedom to choose." always choose to be happy.  accepting this is a bit rough, for sure, but it’s so much easier to be optimistic.  i think that it's amazing that in this day and age, racists are now free to tell us how they really feel.  i think that it's amazing to see how much of this country supports a man like cheeto.  it's a bit refreshing, you know?  to not have to fight with anyone any longer about how fucked up this country still is.  the reality is plastered on televisions across the united states (and the rest of the world, how embarrassing).  but again, it's pretty cool to me.  we can let all of this break us down and weaken our spirits or we can figure out a way to build up our communities and make sure that an election like this never happens again.  i had a conversation recently with a woman and she said "we have to stop acting like we're just visiting and remember that we built this place."  america wouldn't be america without us.

participate in an act of self care today. ask yourself how your heart is doing. love on somebody around you. refrain from putting negative vibes into the universe. protect your energy. have meaningful conversations with like minded individuals about what can be done.  have conversations with ignorant, oblivious individuals about what can be done.  like our moms told us, "if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all." -so many double negatives, i know haha-  but really.  let's refrain from indulging in negative conversations regarding cheeto face on this day and figure out what can be done to keep moving forward progressively. 

and president barack obama, thank you. 

xx rosco

is this thing on?

so i moved to LA.  i've been dreaming about this cute little city for quite some time now and i finally decided to make the move.  is it weird to say that i miss new york already? just a teeny, tiny, bit?  mostly because i haven't been on the move like a crazy person and i've had a little time to relax + actually think and perhaps that is driving me crazy?  but i'm here and i am excited. the mountains & vegan options & palm trees & gorgeous cacti are all so delicious, yo. i can't wait to explore this place.