we gon' be alright.

it's real. it's happening. a twitter fingers, racist, sexist, reality tv star has been elected as the president of the united states. boo hoo. we can pretend that this is a dream and blame everyone around us for allowing this to happen. we can go on and on about how racist this country is (we've known forever that nothing has actually changed). we can act like we're moving overseas because we just can't deal with cheeto leading our country (your asses ain't going anywhere).  we can act like this thing just simply doesn't exist.  or...fifth option: acknowledge that he'll be here for 4 long years and make it our goal to live our best lives regardless of what fuckery is to ensue.  i actually woke up feeling drained and a bit sad but immediately checked my energy.  my favorite quote put me in my place real quick. "between stimulus and response is the freedom to choose." always choose to be happy.  accepting this is a bit rough, for sure, but itโ€™s so much easier to be optimistic.  i think that it's amazing that in this day and age, racists are now free to tell us how they really feel.  i think that it's amazing to see how much of this country supports a man like cheeto.  it's a bit refreshing, you know?  to not have to fight with anyone any longer about how fucked up this country still is.  the reality is plastered on televisions across the united states (and the rest of the world, how embarrassing).  but again, it's pretty cool to me.  we can let all of this break us down and weaken our spirits or we can figure out a way to build up our communities and make sure that an election like this never happens again.  i had a conversation recently with a woman and she said "we have to stop acting like we're just visiting and remember that we built this place."  america wouldn't be america without us.

participate in an act of self care today. ask yourself how your heart is doing. love on somebody around you. refrain from putting negative vibes into the universe. protect your energy. have meaningful conversations with like minded individuals about what can be done.  have conversations with ignorant, oblivious individuals about what can be done.  like our moms told us, "if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all." -so many double negatives, i know haha-  but really.  let's refrain from indulging in negative conversations regarding cheeto face on this day and figure out what can be done to keep moving forward progressively. 

and president barack obama, thank you. 

xx rosco